Art workshop "Alef3" creates unique furniture

Dusan Jecmenica and his Art workshop "Alef3" recently at the Furniture Fair in Belgrade for the first time presented to the public with unique objects made of natural materials, primarily wood. Although "Alef3" exists almost two decades, and Dusans interest in artistic woodworking much longer, and although many works from this workshop are already enriching areas of hotels, restaurants, office buildings and luxury villas all over Europe, this was the primere of highly original pieces of furniture on the Serbian market. Judging by the reactions and interests, and because each piece of furniture is completely unique on the Art Workshop from Premeca near Cacak will still be a lot to talk about. Of what was for him a tree, and what pleasure was to cultivate it, what's impressions furniture "Alefa3" caused at the Belgrade Fair, as well as some of his other interests, for newspaper "Cacanski glas" speaks Dusan Jecmenica, who came in art from electronic and mobile world, which ishis profession, but admits that working with wood, for it is above all a "therapy for the energy charge", is the only true life.

Each of the works designed to "Alef3"  is made by hand - tables, sofas, chairs, clocks, lamps, picture frames, as well as the whole set, has its own story, which every observer looking in its own way. Thus, the author has given names, so we can be in front of the table "Birth", "Metamorphosis", "There was a woman", "Song for the Man", "Liberation", "Norway white", or in front of an hour in which presents "Curving" or "Prisoner of time named before the strange furniture "Svarog" or shelf "Hexagram"... As for the wood processing and the creation of a new form, the interlocutor of "Glas" says that it is a combination of love of expression in wood and high professionalism of his many "accomplices", those who work additional processing of each objects, which he conceived and gave them the main features. At the same time, striving to the materials that nature has carved and generously offered to keep everything up to the moment of processing life of wood and stone. Therefore, additional decorations on the texture: tree rings, knots, wrinkles, bumps, cracks ... Because "the smooth surface of wood speaks about himself, but much more of his struggle, as is the case with the faces of people", says the author ... 

V. T. whole text can be read in the new issue "Cacanski glas".
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