ALEF3 furniture with centuries-old story

Art workshop "Alef 3" was founded in 1998. It dealswith the design and production of unique pieces of furniture, as well as projekting and manufacturing interior and exterior. Each copy was made of high-quality, unrepatable pieces of old tree, tens and hundreds of years old. Maximum maintains and monitors the natural form of the tree. It is done by traditional techniques handmade techniques, colors with ecological paints that are water-based, modeled on the great old masters. Rustic furniture combined with modern interior and the exterior connect modern times with old traditional times.

The origin of names of "ALEF" 
Alef is a point in space that contains all other points: PAST - PRESENT - FUTURE

Alef is a small globe that has the power of reflection of the entire universe. This is the point at which merge all the other points of our universe and watching at the same time you can see all the intricacies of all that exists, by  Horhe Luis Borhesu.According to Koeljo, everything that today's world is missing in order to better live the Soul, with which no one can live and which is the most forgotten. Perhaps we should remember that the soul is a living being, which should not hurt. And if it is hurt, we will have a lot to try harder to make this mental pain and forgive yourself and others, but also to remember how it would not be repeated.Getting back to nature in which all the wonders of life and peace for which we are searching for.

"Tradition and modern times, meeting the centenary node ... An overall saturation of cheap materials. Sculpture in the piece unique wooden working out. Walnut and oak from generation to generation in the arboreal therapy health. The mirror of our unique and authentic expression. Poetry Movement, the sublimation of experience, Bible craft, golden hands of artists and craftsmen Dusan Jecmenica. "

Sculptor IVAN RADOVIC maj 2013. Belgrade.

Our design is highly valued in the international market due to the unrepeatable natural shapes, colors, textures, which has a centuries-old wood from this area. We were doing complex tasks furnishing of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and commercial and residential properties and luxury villas. Furniture, as well as the design of the exterior and interior are working to order and in agreement with you according to your wishes we provide the best possible solution that will bring the atmosphere of warmth and spirit of nature.

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