The introduction of unique, original ideas with a rustic note in emerging: interior, exterior, unique furniture pieces, embossed walls. From conceptual idea to the final look of the building. Aesthetically and visually appears to originate from the ancient times, it gives them a sophisticated rustic look. Products are made of wood and other materials. Revival and refinement of existing applications wood, painting, application, and finishing completely new elements. Production of all types of walls, floors, ceilings and painting the desired area.

Our design is highly valued in the international market due to the unrepeatable natural shapes, colors, textures, which has a centuries-old wood from this area. We were doing complex tasks furnishing of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and commercial and residential properties and luxury villas. Furniture, as well as the design of the exterior and interior are working to order and in agreement with you according to your wishes we provide the best possible solution that will bring the atmosphere of warmth and spirit of nature.
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